G&R Beefmaster

Raising and promoting sound, efficient, quality cattle.

Our History


Hello, we are Gail and Ronnie Mouser, the founders and owners of G&R Beefmaster. We have 40 plus years of cattle experience; background, feed lot, cow-calf and vet assist. Ronnie is a native to the area, Gail the past 45 years, a transplanted Iowan and former teacher. We purchased our first Beefmaster cattle in 2009. We have been members of Beefmasters Breeders United (BBU) since 2009, and are members of Ozark and Heart of America Beefmaster Breeders (OHOA), and participate in BBU's inventory reporting program including weights and measures, etc. We are located in the Castor River Valley near Marquand in Southeast Missouri. The rolling terrain consists of wooded hills and pastures, primarily fescue.  Beefmasters thrive in this locale.

We are located in the scenic Castor River Valley, where you will find rolling river bottoms, fescue pastures, and four seasons with hot, humid summers and cold, snowy, wet winters.